Spotty Klovna Skógvar

Spotty Klovna Skógvar

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Írokna MVG

'Spotty' Klovna-skógvar. Skógva-umslag, reytt og gult. Egna seg ikki til uttandurðabrúk.

Tekstur á enskum:
"Come one, come all to the Smiffys Big Top Circus Tent! Filled with all the finest fancy dress from our Circus and Clown collection. If you're looking for a way to complete your clown costume, then begin from the bottom up with a pair of Spotty Clown Shoe Covers from the Smiffys Clown and Circus collection. Simple and easy to put on, the Red and Yellow Shoes Covers slide easily on top of existing shoes to help give you authentic Clown Shoes, but with the comfort of your own pair."

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