Ravenclaw Lang Kápa, Barna Búni

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Ravenclaw kápa, úr Harry Potter universinum. Pakkin inniheldur: Ravenclaw kápa við eyðmerki á og hettu við blálittum innan.

Tekstur á enskum:

"Do you value learning, wit and wisdom above all else? Then you might just be a Ravenclaw. Characterised by their curiosity about the world, logic and rationality, Ravenclaws are the most level-headed and determined of all the Hogwarts houses. With this robe, you can show your support for the blue and bronze house! Will you succeed in spellcasting or become a master of potions? Where will you spend your time at Hogwarts; in the common room or flying on a broomstick practising your Quidditch skills? If you choose the common room, just make sure you can solve the riddle to get in! Get dressed in your Hogwarts uniform- your trusty robe with your house colours emblazoned on it and go on adventures of our own in the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. A perfect choice for a present for a Harry Potter fan or for Book Week. Also seen in the global phenomenon, the Harry Potter film series."

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