Mr Babache Balls Bóklingur

Mr Babache Balls Bóklingur

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Ein góður bóklingur/hefti til tann, sum eigur ein Diabolo!

Øll kynstur eru væl lýst í stuttum frágreiðingum og tekni- myndlýsing.

Tekstur á enskum:
Let the one and only Mr Babache guide you through your first few steps into the depths of juggling.
Like the Step by Step booklets, Mr Babache's beginners' guides offer excellent tuition at pocket money prices. The Mr Babache Balls booklet starts you off with one ball and by page nine, Mr B has got you juggling a three ball cascade. The booklet then goes on to teach you some simple tricks like rebounds from the head and knees, and different juggling patterns such as the reverse cascade and columns. All of which are clearly explained with text and demonstrated with comic illustrations. Mr B also chooses to end this lovely little booklet with four ball juggling and variations. Great for beginners, this booklet will keep you entertained for quite some time!


Vørunummar: BD-MB-JB-01